Partner program

Partner levels

LevelTo next levelYour percentageReferral recieves
10 1%0.3
2500 2%0.4
32000 3%0.45
45000 4%0.6
57500 5%0.65
610000 6%0.7

Are you an online entertainer of any sort? Webmaster? Twitch? Youtube? Perhaps own an e-sports team? You're at the right place!

You have a YouTube channel with 1,000+ views on video? Do you have any different partnership offers?
Contact us! And we will discuss our cooperation which will be beneficial for both you and us! Send us an email at if you have any partnership offers!
What is our affiliate program?
You should place your partner link or promocode and get bonuses on your on-site balance!
Important things to know!

-A user can become a partner of only one different user;
-You get the money to the account immediately after your partner's balance being filled;
-You can use the promocode only once

I've sent out my referral link to many people, but I didn't receive any money.
The users who used your referral link are already logged into the site or are partners of different users. Each user can become a partner only once.
How do I increase my percentage of profits from partner's purchases?
The percentage is increased automatically. More referrals means higher percentage!
Spamming your promocode on our social networks is forbidden!
Either your partner progress or your whole VipDrops account might be banned for spamming your promocode on our social networks!
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